For Immediate Press Release I 12th March 2021

The Zambia Tax Platform (ZTP) would like to join the rest of the country to commemorate this year’s youth day under the theme Enhancing National Development through sustainable youth partnerships. Youths are recognized world over for their efforts and vital role that they play towards national development. Their contribution to renew and refresh the current status of our society including leadership, innovations and skills are necessary in advancing the levels of education, technology, politics, and peace of the country.

ZTP notes that the youth in Zambia continue to face numerous challenges including unemployment which remains high at over 17 percent for the youth. ZTP also notes that the number of kids on the Zambian streets who are unable to attain an education is high. This has a potential to elevate long term inequality. There is need to carefully look into these plights of the youth if as a nation we are to appreciate the efforts and enhance youth contribution towards national development.

ZTP therefore would like to call upon Government to look into the challenges that the youth in the country are facing. There is also need to broaden the set of skills that youths have for their effective participation in economic activities. We also wish to encourage the senior citizens to support the youth and adopt a culture of transferring knowledge and wisdom to the youth. To the youth, it is our hope that you continue to work hard despite the economic challenges that are currently prevailing. The country needs your skills and through collaborative efforts, we can all contribute towards economic growth and national development.

To our leaders, develop sustainable youth partnerships by investing more in developing youth skills that create opportunities to engage in entrepreneurship, climate action and peace, justice and strong institutions. From ZTP, happy youth day.

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Editor’s Note

The Zambia Tax Platform (ZTP) is a multi-stakeholder group that provides critical analysis of Zambia’s tax policy and administration and promotes sustained advocacy on improving public finance management in the country by providing well researched solutions and alternative policies that will enhance fiscal justice and efficient use of public resources. ZTP carries its work in a simplified way that enables participation from various stakeholders. It is inclusive of a wide variety of voices with links to national, regional, and international research and civil society networks. ZTP is housed at Centre for Trade policy and development which serves as the secretariat to the platform.

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