Focus Areas

A Few Things We`re Great At 

ZTP’s mandate is broad around public finance. It however narrows on selected sectors and economic matters based on the skills that its members bring to the network. ZTP focusses on the following

Domestic and International

Analysing taxation as it relates to Zambia is paramount to ZTP’s Mandate. Members of the platform look at various aspects of taxation to generate policy recommendations towards enhancing fiscal justice as well as improving resource mobilization.

Social and Economic Investments Monitoring

Government investments both in economic and social sectors form the core for sustainable development. The goal of ZTP is to constantly analyse Government decisions with regards to its expenditure on these critical sectors. 

State Owned Enterprise

Under this focus, ZTP narrows down to state-owned enterprises. The platform looks at how these companies are managed- from their financing to operations and Governance structures.

Private Sector Enhancement

ZTP understands the significant role that the private sector has towards national development. Under private sector enhancement, the platform looks at how the private sector can realize its potential to grow the economy. The challenges and opportunities for industrialization and employment.