Experience Statement

7 Years of Active 
Engagements on Matters of Taxation and Economic Policy

ZTP has for the past 7 years been actively engaged on matters of taxation and economic policy in Zambia. Annually, ZTP is accustomed to make proposals to the Ministry of Finance on the annual national budget. ZTP also conducts analysis on the state of the economy to generate recommendations on the alternative policies that Government can take to improve economic outcomes. Through established working relations with various Civil Society Organization (CSOs) and members of its network, ZTP draws a unique approach in the way it executes its programmes- drawing on unique set of skills that each member presents to the network. Some of the previous work that ZTP has done in the past include.

Publication of Press Statements

ZTP not only responds to pending economic issues but also proactively writes on emerging matters of the economy that need to be addressed. These matters include, calls for efficient use of public resources, opportunities that lie in broader taxation, sensitization on taxation, public resource management etc.

Submission of Proposals for the Annual National Budget

.ZTP, has annually participated in the budget cycle and process through submitting its expenditure and revenue proposals to the ministry of finance on the national budget.

State of the Economy Analysis

 ZTP conducts an analysis of the state of the Zambian economy which looks at several economic aspects. Through this analysis, ZTP is able to provide information and evidence to civil society organizations which can be used for advocacy purposes

Analysis of the 2019 proposed sales Tax Bill

In 2019, the Zambian government presented before parliament, a bill intended to replace the Value Added Tax with a goods and sales tax Sales. The Zambia Tax Platform (ZTP) Mobilized civil society organization to conduct an analysis on the impact that the sales tax will have on government revenues and on the economy. The result of the analysis was that replacing VAT with a General Sales Tax would negatively affect revenues. ZTP then engaged Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, and law makers and provide the evidence so that the move could be abandoned. Following was massive advocacy and joint initiatives that used the evidence to engage Government. The move was later abandoned

Analysis of the Annual National Budget Presented Before Parliament by the Minister of Finance

The Zambia Tax Platform annually conducts through and with its network members an analysis of the national budget that the Ministry of finance develops and presents. ZTP further submits before parliament its analysis before the budget is approved