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Protecting Public Resource at all Cost through Prudent Public Financial Management

Lusaka, 3rd July 2021: The Zambia Tax Platform (ZTP) wishes to urge all Zambians to protect public resource through prudent management of public resources in the country. ZTP notes with increasing concern, the fiscal standing of the country and spending by Government on programs that may not address the country’s priority needs. It is important…
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Government Needs to Develop a School Reopening and Recovery Plan to Mitigate Further Economic and Social Costs

Lusaka, 26th July 2021: The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an extensive disruption in children and young people’s education prompted by several unplanned school closures. The world economic forum reports that about 1.6 billion children around the world were out of school at the peak of the global lockdowns. These school closures come at a…
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