About US

Who We Are 

The Zambia Tax Platform (ZTP) is a multi-stakeholder group that provides critical analysis of Zambia’s tax policy and administration and promotes sustained advocacy on improving public finance management in the country by providing well researched solutions and alternative policies that will enhance fiscal justice and efficient use of public resources. ZTP carries its work in a simplified way that enables participation from various stakeholders. It is inclusive of a wide variety of voices with links to national, regional, and international research and civil society networks. ZTP is housed at Centre for Trade policy and development which serves as the secretariat to the platform.

Our Mandate  

ZTP seeks to generate policy recommendation that contributes towards effective response on economic and social matters which it has broadly pursued over the years. Key among these are public debt, profit and base erosion by multinational corporations, Government resource mobilization, public expenditure and changes to corporate tax legislations. ZTP also strongly looks into matters of accountability in the utilization of public resources and an aggressive fight against tax evasion and illicit financial flows. The platform brings together members from different civil society organisations who take part in the devising of interventions that are aimed at eventually leading to progressive and sustained growth of the economy.

Our Vision 

To grow into Zambia’s leading tax advisor that provide sustained solutions on Tax policy and general public finance matters

Our Mission 

To critically analyse contemporary tax and public finance matters in Zambia and to provide sustainable solutions towards the improvement of fiscal justice and economic Governance in Zambia.