The Zambia Tax Platform

a multi-stakeholder group that provides critical analysis of Zambia’s tax policy regime, tax administration and promotes sustained advocacy on improving public finance management.

Latest News

ZTP Press Statement 19.07.2021- Improved Investment Inflows and Economic Diversification for Sustained Growth

Lusaka, 19th July 2021: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a key component of global economic integration and private external finance for developing countries. Not only does FDI add to investible[…]

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Compliance still a serious challenge in the use of Electronic Fiscal Devices for Revenue Enhancements

Lusaka, 9th July 2021: Revenue shortfalls are common for many Governments across the world. Zambia has in the recent years continued to run on deficit financing which has resulted in[…]

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ZTP Calls for Deliberate Interventions and Transformed Economic Policies Targeting Women Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

Lusaka, 29th June 2021: As the covid19 public health pandemic risks maturing into an economic and social crisis, the impacts will be toughest on women. The pandemic has intensified the[…]

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